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SARID organizes & mediates discussions between different communities to promote understanding & tolerance.

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Akbar S. Ahmed

US and Muslim communities

Akbar Ahmed

SARID has organized several events with Dr. Akbar S. Ahmed, the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies and Professor of International Relations at American University in Washington, DC. Dr. Ahmed has been actively involved in interfaith dialogue, as well as the study of global Islam and its impact on contemporary society. His most recent book is "Islam Under Siege", a groundbreaking work that points out the need for, and provides the route to, the dialogue of civilizations. He is an advisor to SARID.

Mapping the Road to Co-existence: Could Abrahamic dialogue open the path to peace?

Prof. Akbar Ahmed

We co-sponsored an event in the Anti-Defamation League Speaker Series Hate & Hope, held in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA, whose highlight was a talk by Professor Akbar S. Ahmed invoking the common heritage of Judaism, Christianity, & Islam as a channel to further interaction between the faiths.

Other organizations involved included: th
American Islamic Congress,
American Jewish Committee
Jewish Community Relations Council.


Recent Articles by Professor Ahmed:

Dialogue in Decorah, March 2004
The little town with the big heart will need all its courage and compassion in the coming time. The battle for the soul of the Midwest is joined here in Decorah. Its outcome will affect the shape and form of society in the United States. That in turn will affect how the world sees the United States.

The Perfect Christmas Gift, December 2003
Had Bishop John Chane been present when I received his Christmas card, I would have hugged and kissed him with joy in spite of the mixed signals the gesture may have sent to some members of his denomination.

Campuses hold future to American Islam, Religion News Service, December 17, 2003
Prof. Akbar Ahmed's visits to different campuses reveal a young Muslim generation actively engaged in open, free-ranging talk with non-Muslims, a dialogue that needs the confidence that comes from hard work and intelligent use of their fine educational institutions.



US Communications with Muslim Communities at Home & Abroad

Plenary Meeting, June 12-13, 2003, Washington D.C., USA

SARID participated in a meeting organized by the Center for the Study of the Presidency (CSP) designed to bring together individuals with different areas of expertise for an exchange on how to strengthen U.S. communications with Muslim communities. Presentations and associated discussions included Best Practices and Technologies for Communications, The Globalization of Religions, Principle Sources of Anti-Americanism in the Muslim World, & U.S. Presence Abroad: Power, Principle, and Perceptions.


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