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April 30, 2005


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PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Providing small-scale wind energy generation to a remote peninsula in Sri Lanka.
LOCATION: North Western Province, Sri Lanka
CONTACT PERSONS: Vinod Moonesinghe,, Janaki Blum

PROJECT SUMMARY: SARID has initiated an effort to provide small-scale wind energy generation to a remote peninsula in Sri Lanka as part of a plan for the conservation of coastal areas through sustainable development with popular participation.

The aim of the project is to design energy resources appropriate to the local climate and needs as highlighted by the inhabitants.

Regional household electrical appliances currently use automotive batteries. Introducing wind turbines for battery recharging will dispense with the arduous ferry-ride to a distant mainland location where batteries are currently re-powered.

The venture thus builds on locally familiar technology in order to improve the lives of the populace as well as gradually establishing sustainable practices in the community.

The project intends to be self-financing in the future with the generation of revenue for maintainance.

Contact Persons:

Vinod Moonesinghe (
Janaki Blum (


SARID's Calpentyn Project participates in Kalpitiya disaster mitigation

March 2005: SARID was invited by the authorities in Kalpitiya to take part in the preliminary discussion about a catastrophe management plan for the area. We formulated the main topics to be taken up at a meeting with community-based organizations on this subject. We also helped finalize the constitution for a coordinating body of NGOs and Government organs for the Kalpitiya Bar Reef Conservation Project. SARID will be part of the umbrella organization which is being set up.

Calpentyn Background and Update

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See also: Bar Reef Special Management Area Plan

We urgently need funds for this project to continue & depend on the goodwill of visitors to the SARID site to help us.

Remember, even a donation of $15 goes a significant way to meet local needs.

For donation information please go to:


We welcome your views on this project. Please send ideas and comments to: or directly to Vinod Moonesinghe (



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