After Terror

Promoting Dialogue Among Civilizations


Edited by Professors Akbar Ahmed and Brian Forst

American University, Washington DC


A major new contribution to one of the hottest topics in current affairs and world politics

  • Brings together 28 specially commissioned essays by some of the world's most celebrated public figures and political and religious leaders including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Lord George Carey, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Queen Noor of Jordan, Rajmohan Gandhi, Joseph Nye, Sir Ravi Shankar, Sir James Wolfensohn, President Mohamed Khatami, Bernard Lewis and Zbigniev Brzezinsky
  • The pieces are written in a clear and compelling style for a wide readership of opinion leaders, scholars and concerned members of the public
  • After Terror serves also as an ideal textbook for the increasing number of terrorism courses across the world


After September 11, many thought a clash of civilizations was inevitable. This book offers a different, more hopeful answer of building bridges instead of burning them. I strongly recommend it. President Jimmy Carter

After Terror offers a sustained reflection by some of the world’s most celebrated thinkers on the most pressing question of our time: how can we find ways to defuse the ticking bombs of terrorism and excessive interventions against it? It offers an antidote to the fatalistic global holy war perspective that afflicts much contemporary thought, focusing instead on the principles, issues, and acts needed to shift course from alienation and conflict to a path of sanity and goodwill among cultures and civilizations.

The central aim of the book is to advance contemporary thinking on the causes and implications of 9/11 and thus provide the essential elements of a blueprint for humanity.


After Terror attests to the power of dialogue and mutual understanding and the possibility of tolerance, respect, cooperation, and commitment. Without ignoring the dangers of the modern world, it points to a future in which people can celebrate both the fundamental sentiments that make us human and the diversities that make us interesting.

Publication date: May 2005

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