Indo-Pak Parliamentarians Forum Proposed

By B. Muralidhar Reddy


ISLAMABAD June 18. The visiting delegation of Indian parliamentarians has mooted a proposal for Indo-Pakistan Parliamentarians Forum.

According to the Rajya Sabha member and veteran journalist, Kuldip Nayyar, the basic purpose of the forum is to promote the cause of peace between the two countries.

It will provide an opportunity for parliamentarians from across the border to meet periodically and exchange views on matters of mutual interest.

Today, two more MPs joined the six parliamentarians who crossed over to Pakistan via Wagah on an eight-day unofficial peace mission.

The delegation is here at the invitation of the Pakistan-India Peoples' Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD) and had a hectic schedule throughout the day.

Mr. Nayyar expressed disappointment over aggressive statements from both the sides in recent days and dubbed it a political rhetoric. He maintained that people in both the countries were interested in peace.

``The requirement of visa should be scrapped forthwith, and the rail and road links be resumed without any delay as people from both the sides are yearning to meet one another,'' he said.

Mubashir Hasan, former Finance Minister and peace activist, who has been actively engaged in promoting contacts between parliamentarians on both sides for several months said the people-to-people contact would pressure both governments and they would have to establish enduring peace."

"It will take some time as progress may sometimes be steady and faster and sometimes slower, and there may even be setbacks. But the final result will be positive,'' he said.

During their stay here, they will interact with politicians, businessmen, parliamentarians and rights activists.

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